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Travel with Confidence 

Explore the world worry-free with the ACCU TYPE 9. Approved for air transport and featuring a watt-hour rating below 100Wh, it ensures seamless global transport compliance, allowing you can bring your essential gear along on any diving adventure without operator pre-approval. 

Unmatched Durability

Count on the ACCU TYPE 9 for excellent durability in even the harshest conditions, ensuring your safety and the longevity of your equipment. Featuring a rugged hard-anodized aluminum upper lid, this battery provides exceptional resistance to wear and weather. It includes a  Battery Management System (BMS) that prevents overcharging, deep discharge, and short circuits, enhancing battery life and performance. This dependable companion is designed to thrive in any diving environment, offering peace of mind, longevity, and unrestricted usage. It spares you frequent replacements and guarantees seamless operation in all circumstances. 

Modularity & Compatibility 

The ACCU TYPE 9 accumulator's modular design ensures easy customization and seamless compatibility with all AMMONITE SYSTEM products. It attaches smoothly to your hip belt and can be adapted to alternative fastening systems like the SIDEMOUNT BUCKLE or ACCU CLIC MOUNT (R), allowing for straightforward upgrades or replacements. This flexibility enhances usability and reliability, ensuring your gear is perfectly tailored to your diving needs. 

Reliable and safe power supply 

Experience longer and safer dives without worries. Its advanced engineering includes a BMS (Battery Management System) that offers protection against overcharging, deep discharge, and short circuits, while enhancing battery life and maintaining optimal charge levels. This compact yet powerful tool provides lots of bright light and extended burn times. Additionally, an overpressure safety valve enhances safety by preventing explosions in the unlikely event of a malfunction, ensuring you can dive with confidence. 

Designed for Divers' Needs 

Start your exciting diving adventure with confidence, knowing the accumulator's modularity and universal compatibility with all AMMONITE SYSTEM umbilical lights. This ensures a steady and dependable power source throughout your dive.

Technical Specifications: 

Capacity nominal: 9Ah 
Charger Input Voltage: 100-240V 
Overpressure valve: Yes 
Total energy: 96Wh 
Material: Delrin® / Aluminum alloy – hard anodized
Max. Diameter: 46mm
Weight in water: 450g 
Charge/Discharge Cycles: 500-700 
Charging Time: ~4 hours 
Rechargeable battery: Yes, Li-Ion 
Voltage: 10,95V 
Max. Length: 246mm 
Max. Operation depth: 200m 

Set contains:

1x ACCU TYPE 9  

Eco Packages 

We're committed to environmental preservation. To extend material use and enhance sustainability, we've chosen recyclable cardboard over plastic for our packaging, helping protect our only habitable planet. 

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