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Illuminate your dive with confidence. 

Improve your underwater lighting experience & comfort with the Goodman Handle Standard, a premium handle designed for optimal compatibility and comfort. Engineered to support all AMMONITE SYSTEM umbilical lights, this universal handle ensures your dive is comfortable and always well-lit.  

Universal Compatibility 

Simplify your gear and switch between different lights without needing additional accessories.  
It is designed to fit all AMMONITE SYSTEM umbilical lights and provides a smooth and secure connection to your preferred lighting setup, ensuring your dive remains safe and well-lit. 

Durable and Lightweight 

You can worry less about equipment and focus more on your dive. Thanks to its high-quality anodized aluminum and rigid Delrin polymer, the Goodman Handle Standard is built to withstand the most demanding conditions of underwater environments.  

Improved Comfort and stability 

Improve your comfort and reduce hand fatigue during extended dives. The wider and improved design provides a more ergonomic grip, improving comfortability and ensuring the stability of your light, enhancing your safety.  

Optimized for every dive 

With its superior design, the Goodman Handle Standard is more than just a handle—it's an essential part of your diving equipment that enhances your underwater lighting system's effectiveness and ease of use. It supports a more enjoyable and productive dive by ensuring your lighting is always reliable, comfortable, and perfectly positioned. 

Set contains: 

1x Goodman Handle Standard
2x Stainless steel screws
1x Hex key 

Eco Packages 

We're committed to environmental preservation. To extend material use and enhance sustainability, we've chosen recyclable cardboard over plastic for our packaging, helping protect our only habitable planet. 

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This platform offers exclusive products sold by Divers League specifically for RAID members. Divers League manages all sales and distribution independently, separate from RAID, ensuring RAID members have access to specialized diving equipment at great prices. We are excited to offer this special package and look forward to supporting our valued RAID members. Divers League is dedicated to providing valuable resources to the RAID community and handles the entire sales process.