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The partner that has your back 

Explore deeper, safer, and more confidently using the LED ONE and LED ONE MINI. They are your perfect backup set for reliable underwater lighting. Designed to help you in daring situations, the LED ONE and LED ONE MINI offer an unbeatable blend of simplicity and robust performance, making them your perfect failsafe solution for any diving adventure. Their modular design ensures compatibility with any AMMONITE SYSTEM product, enhancing their versatility and ease of use in a variety of diving conditions.  

Reliability you can trust 

Forget about complexity and keep it super simple. These backup torches, built to withstand the most challenging conditions, ensure continued operation even in the most demanding environments. Your safety is our top priority; therefore, using high-quality materials and minimal electronics guarantees durability and functionality no matter where your exploration takes you.

Optimal performance in the palm of your hand

Thanks to the military-style grip, the backup light is easy to operate and hold. You can quarter-turn the head to switch it on and off. The compact and modular design fits comfortably in a drysuit pocket or can be attached directly to a diving harness, making it an effortless addition to your setup.   

Extra Safety & Leak Protection 

Dive further and safer thanks to our meticulous design that consists of three robust o-rings & an extra long head, preventing water ingress and ensuring that the torch remains leak-free, fully functional, and almost impossible to flood. Engineered for secure use up to 200m underwater and equipped with a 6mm tempered and scratch-resistant glass, this torch provides you with the safety and reliability you need to explore confidently.  

Exceptional Lighting Quality and Operating time 

With operating times of 8 and 5 hours and light intensities of up to 400 lumens, the LED ONE and LED ONE MINI offer prolonged operating times, ensuring you have a dependable light source that lasts as long as your dive and beyond.  

These backup torches, designed to be a permanent part of your diving experience, offer a life span of up to 100,000 hours, making every diving experience of yours safer and brighter.  
Experience diving with peace of mind and simplicity at your fingertips - choose LED ONE and LED ONE MINI for your next underwater adventure.


Ammonite System is committed to providing top-quality products and services to our customers. We stand behind our products and are confident in their quality, so we offer an extended 3-year warranty on all our AMMOPOWER products. 

This warranty is a testament to our dedication to providing customers with reliable, high-quality products built to last. We take pride in our products and want our customers to have peace of mind knowing that they are making an intelligent investment with Ammonite System.  

Technical Specifications: 

Led Power Output: 5W
Light intensity: 400 lumens
Beam Angle:
Max. operation depth: 200m
Operating time: 8/5 hours
Lifecycle: Up to 100.000 hours
Warranty: 3 years
LED ONE Battery: AA batteries
LED ONE Mini Battery: CR123 
The LED ONE uses readily available AA batteries in any mini-market or convenience store, ensuring easy replacement anywhere. In contrast, the LED ONE MINI utilizes CR123 batteries, specially designed for electronics not used daily, providing a reliable and long-lasting power source when needed. 

Set contains: 

1x LED ONE compact backup torch
1x LED ONE MINI compact backup torch
1x set of silicone bands 

Eco Packages 

We're committed to environmental preservation. To extend material use and enhance sustainability, we've chosen recyclable cardboard over plastic for our packaging, helping protect our only inhabitable planet. 

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This platform offers exclusive products sold by Divers League specifically for RAID members. Divers League manages all sales and distribution independently, separate from RAID, ensuring RAID members have access to specialized diving equipment at great prices. We are excited to offer this special package and look forward to supporting our valued RAID members. Divers League is dedicated to providing valuable resources to the RAID community and handles the entire sales process.