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Illuminate Your Underwater Adventures with the LED SPELEO MKII 

Whether you're gliding through a shipwreck or navigating complicated cave systems, the SPELEO MKII offers an unmatched blend of functionality and convenience to enhance every dive. Dive deeper, explore longer, and illuminate your path with confidence. Discover more with every dive, only with Ammonite Systems.  

Increased awareness in every dive 

Heighten your environmental awareness, communicate effectively, and explore confidently the deep underwater world. Speleo MKII's advanced lightning design fuses the power and precision of the focused beam with the gentle corona to brighten your journey underwater. 

Adaptability & Convenience at its best 

Configure your setup for any scenario, from back to side mount, quickly and efficiently. The SPELEO MKII adapts effortlessly to your diving needs. This modular system supports seamless interchangeability with components within the innovative Ammonite system - from cables to batteries - ensuring that your diving gear adapts to your underwater adventures.  

Thanks to its compatibility with Ammonite Systems, a broken cable can be replaced on the spot without needing a service center. This enhances convenience and safety, ensuring continued diving without further interruptions.   

Extended dive time, Increased safety 

Maximize your underwater adventures and enhance your safety with extensive burn times of up to 25 hours and brightness adjustment. With a light intensity of 3000 lumens and three different brightness modes, you can minimize backscatter and easily navigate through murky and dirty water. But that's not everything—by switching the modes, you can maximize your stay underwater.  

BACKUP mode offers you approximately 20% of the maximum light output and up to 25h operation time. 

OPERATIONAL mode offers approximately 40% of the maximum light output and up to 10 hours of operation time. 

BOOST mode offers you the maximum light output. 

Maneuverability and compactness 

The SPELEO MKII's compact and lightweight design ensures that it never becomes a burden, no matter the length of your dive. At just 262 grams (100g in water), it guarantees easy handling and reduced fatigue, allowing you to focus purely on the thrill of exploration. For increased maneuverability and comfort during longer dives, we recommend pairing this torch with the Ammonite System Goodman handle. 

Safety - Take me home  

Stay safe and explore with confidence under all circumstances. The SPELEO MKII's advanced chip is engineered to track your battery life by providing status and low battery alerts, increasing your overall safety and ensuring you're never caught off guard. 

"TAKE ME HOME" backup mode - Should the battery reach critical levels, the light's system will alert you and automatically activate the backup mode: Take me home, providing you with an extra 1 hour of operating time and giving you more than enough time, to ensure a safe return to the surface. 


Ammonite System is committed to providing top-quality products and services to our customers. We stand behind our products and are confident in their quality, so we offer an extended 3-year warranty on all our AMMOPOWER products. 

This warranty is a testament to our dedication to providing customers with reliable, high-quality products built to last. We take pride in our products and want our customers to have peace of mind knowing that they are making an intelligent investment with Ammonite System. 

Technical Specifications: 

Dimensions: 116mm x 53mm
Weight: 262g (100g in water)
Halo: Mild halo effect
Material: Hard anodized aluminum / Delrin®
Led Power Output: 32W
Light intensity: up to 3000 lumens
Type of optics: 1x reflector
Beam Angle: 6° + mild corona
Color temperature: Cool white
Front glass: 6mm tempered
Power Source: External rechargeable battery
Max. operation depth: 200m
Light intensity control: Yes, 3 modes(Backup, Operational, Boost), Take me home mode (automatic)
Operating time: Up to 25 hours
Warranty: 3 years

Umbilical light kit:

The umbilical light kits consist of four separate boxes and one collective box. 

Each part of the kit is packed separately:
1x chosen headlight with instruction
1x chosen battery with instruction
1x charger with instruction 
1x cable and optional additional accessories
1x warranty and quality certificate 

Eco Packages 

We're committed to environmental preservation. To extend material use and enhance sustainability, we've chosen recyclable cardboard over plastic for our packaging, helping protect our only habitable planet.

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This platform offers exclusive products sold by Divers League specifically for RAID members. Divers League manages all sales and distribution independently, separate from RAID, ensuring RAID members have access to specialized diving equipment at great prices. We are excited to offer this special package and look forward to supporting our valued RAID members. Divers League is dedicated to providing valuable resources to the RAID community and handles the entire sales process.