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RAID Exclusive Technical Lighting Package

RAID Exclusive Technical Lighting Package

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Your Ultimate Underwater Lighting Solution: 

Equip yourself with the RAID Exclusive Diver's Lighting Package from AMMONITE SYSTEM, meticulously designed to meet the demanding needs of both recreational and professional divers. This all-in-one modular solution excels in every underwater environment - from cave diving to shipwreck exploration - promising unmatched safety, reliability, and performance. Fully modular and compatible with all AMMONITE SYSTEM products, this package offers unparalleled versatility and integration. Exclusive to RAID members, only at DiversLeague. Enjoy your discount to maximize your diving experience with optimal value. 

RAID Exclusive Package Includes: 

LED SPELEO MKII Umbilical Light:

Dive deeper and longer with this high-performance modular light, delivering up to 3000 lumens. It features three operational modes -backup, operational, and boost - to adapt to various diving conditions. Thanks to the package-included battery, the light provides approximately 11 hours of burn time in operational mode and up to 25 hours in backup mode. The innovative 'Take Me Home' feature enhances safety, offering divers extra reassurance during underwater adventures.

ACCU TYPE 9 Accumulator:

Travel freely and dive safely using this air transport-certified 96Wh Lithium-ion battery. Its Battery Management System (BMS) prevents overcharging, deep discharge, and short circuits while extending the battery life. An overpressure safety valve also ensures additional protection against explosions. 

Backup Lights (LED ONE and LED ONE MINI):

Complete your diving lights kit with these essential backup lights, designed for reliability and longevity. They provide 400 lumens of brightness and feature a long burn time of 6 hours, perfect for extended dives. With a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours, these lights are built to last. Their design includes three O-rings and a long thread to prevent flooding, ensuring durability and functionality underwater.

Goodman Handle Standard:

Enhance your grip with this ergonomically designed handle. It is built to withstand demanding underwater environments and ensures stable, comfortable use and compatibility with all AMMONITE umbilical lights. 

Sidemount Cable:

Engineered for sidemount divers, this 150cm modular cable features a 90° angled connector and double silicone o-rings. These provide a secure and snag-free connection to ensure flawless performance under any conditions. 


Backmount Cable:

This 120cm robust cable is equipped with universal cinch-type connectors and double silicone o-rings, guaranteeing compatibility and reliability with all umbilical lights and ACCU batteries.  

Safety compliant 

As safety is primary in diving, this package meets the mandatory requirement of having three sources of light: one primary and two backups. Ensuring you are well-prepared for any situation, whether exploring new cave systems or enjoying a night dive. 

Special Offer for RAID Certified Divers: 

RAID-certified divers and members receive an exclusive discount on this package, recognizing their commitment to diving excellence and preparation. This package is specially designed to ensure that you meet the three-light requirement for technical diving—one primary and two backups—ensuring you are well-equipped for safe exploration of even the most challenging environments.


This package's modularity ensures seamless compatibility and integration with all AMMONITE SYSTEM products. This flexibility allows for reliable, easy, and fast interchangeability of components, making it ideal for divers seeking to customize their gear to suit various diving conditions and preferences.  

This modular approach enhances your diving equipment's overall usability and functionality, ensuring you're well-prepared for any underwater adventure. All featured products in this package come with a 3-year warranty from AMMONITE SYSTEM, providing additional peace of mind and confidence in their durability and performance. 

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This platform offers exclusive products sold by Divers League specifically for RAID members. Divers League manages all sales and distribution independently, separate from RAID, ensuring RAID members have access to specialized diving equipment at great prices. We are excited to offer this special package and look forward to supporting our valued RAID members. Divers League is dedicated to providing valuable resources to the RAID community and handles the entire sales process.