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Heavy Duty connecting cable

Heavy Duty connecting cable

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Experience reliable and versatile diving. 

Dive with confidence thanks to this robust and secure cable. Built for ultimate durability and safety. Expertly hand-assembled and rigorously tested, each cable features universal cinch-type connectors for seamless compatibility with all AMMONITE SYSTEM products. This modular design ensures you can easily integrate and customize your gear to meet any diving condition, enhancing flexibility and reliability on every dive. 

Safety at its finest 

Our cables are safeguarded with double silicone o-rings for outstanding flood protection and feature reinforced areas near connectors to prevent breakage, enhancing longevity and reliability underwater. 

Customizable to fit your needs 

Available in two configurations, sidemount and backmount, our modular cables are standard at 150cm (Sidemount) and 120cm (Backmount). They are perfect for most setups, but we can customize them to your specific requirements. 
Contact us to customize the length, ensuring your gear fits your diving style perfectly. 

Simplify your dive gear 

Opt for our modular cable to streamline your setup, reduce equipment worries, increase your safety and focus more on your diving experience. This cable isn't just part of your gear - it's a crucial ally in your underwater adventures. 

Sidemount configuration

Navigate through restrictive spaces and prevent snags thanks to 90° angled connector. This thoughtful engineering promotes a smoother diving experience and enhances cable longevity by optimal cable routing, reducing stress at critical connection points.


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