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Book cover of "IS IT DARK in there" by Steve Lewis featuring a painting-style illustration resembling a underwater cave system

IS IT DARK IN THERE? - Steve Lewis

In his book, Steve taps into the innate curiosity of the proverbial "little kid in the back of the car," using questions to fuel imagination and creativity. As a member of the cave diving community, I can relate to being frequently asked, "Is it dark in there?" While the simple answer is "Yes," Steve's book reminds me of the deeper inquiries of my youth, seeking the 'why' behind the questions. He eloquently addresses various cave diving queries in a language that is easy to understand for both divers and non-divers. This book is perfect for anyone who has ever felt a spark of interest in cave diving, offering insights into what lies within and why it’s so exhilarating to plunge into the mysterious, watery depths.
- Kelly Ann @pepperinsaltwater

  • Arielle @arielleunderwater holding the LED ONE MINI backup light from AMMONITE SYSTEM in a jungle.

    Arielle @arielleunderwater

    For any serious dive, my go-to backup light is the Ammonite light. It's compact, super bright, lasts ages on easy to source AAs, and that LED is good for 100,000 hours. When it really matters, it's what I rely on to get me home.

  • Skanda Coffield @skandacophield fully equipped and wet in diving equipment in a forest

    Skanda Coffield @skandacophield

    As a daily cave diver, my gear faces tough challenges, and this backup light excels in my diving kit. Its robust build withstands heavy use and harsh conditions. With a great size-to-power ratio, it offers intense light in a compact form. Perfect for a sidemount pouch, drysuit pocket, or helmet, its lightweight design boosts accessibility. The twist on/off feature provides instant readiness, making it a dependable and sturdy choice for any diver.

  • Marcelin Nebenhaus @dive_the_cave smiling on a beach

    Marcelin Nebenhaus @dive_the_cave

    As an experienced technical diver, I highly recommend Ammonite System for its top-quality dive lights. Their umbilical light system offers exceptional flexibility, allowing easy customization with various batteries, light heads, and cables—perfect for any dive. The LED ONE backup lights are impressively sized and reliable. Having used them for thousands of dives, I can vouch for Ammonite’s flawless quality and dependability, making their products a top choice for both me and my diving students.


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