Gear FAQ

How do I choose the right diving light?

When it comes to choosing a dive light, the first and most important questions to ask yourself are what configuration and environment you'll be diving in. 

More power is desirable in open water (ocean, lake, etc.) due to natural light and often less-than-perfect visibility. A somewhat narrow beam is also desirable. The Ammonite Solaris NextGen or Nautilus is the perfect tool for the job.

In overhead environments (caves, mines, etc.), power is less of a problem, and most people enjoy a more diffuse beam angle to view the environment. The Speleo MKII combines that narrow beam with a fantastic light signature. - @thescubapanda

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Can I rent scuba gear or should I buy it?

I firmly believe that buying your own equipment is necessary if you're serious about diving.

Do you really want to breathe off a regulator without knowing how it was maintained and cleaned?

Changing wing/BCD at every dive will be a significant limiting factor in your progression. It will force you to relearn where the valves and D-rings are located on every dive, never being perfectly adjusted to you and constantly feeling half awkward. 

Consider the financial benefits of owning your equipment. If you have to rent equipment for every dive, it will effectively sharply increase the cost of diving and consequently limit your diving frequency - and nobody wants that! - @thescubapanda

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