About Us


Hi, my name is Said El Soueidi and I’m the founder of Divers League.

I’m here to take you to the extraordinary journey into the underwater world customized to your desires.

Once upon a time I was a businessman in a fancy outfit behind a desk and a laptop – today I’m an adventurer in a drysuit, living my dream.

In the past seven years, I have visited many countries as a scuba diving instructor, exploring places like the Souffleur submarine wreck near Beirut, the Vouliagmeni cave in Athens and the beautiful caves of Mexico, teaching people how to master the same skills in a fun and safe way.

How did that happen, you may wonder… 

I left my home country Lebanon back in 2011 to pursue education in International Tourism & Hospitality in Athens. While studying, I thought it would be fun joining an outdoor recreational club - so I did.

Then.one sunny day in February 2014, a coupon changed my life forever - it said: Discover scuba diving.

After spending not more than 10 minutes in the water I had only one question for the instructor: When can I start?


And the diving addict was born.


Targets. Numbers. Deals and rush. This was my life as an Export Manager in two businesses I was running.

Three months before I resigned, instead of planning new business goals I caught myself planning dives in the office. Instead of chatting about work, my lunch break with colleagues came down to me fanatically sharing the highlights of my diving weekends and where I wish to go next.

My brain and soul were so much into it, I decided it was time to quit and dedicate my life to scuba diving.

Underwater is my home and I live to share this passion with people who feel the same.


In three words – TORNADO of emotions!

Whether you are a beginner ready to play with basics or an experienced scuba diver eager to go to the next level, this is exactly what you’ll feel once you join the Divers League.

We are here to welcome anyone older than eight, healthy and curious to discover the underwater wonders through tailor-made courses and premium service with fun scuba diving junkies.

What makes the Divers League unique?

  • “I can’t repay you enough”. When you get a message like this, you must be doing something right. Diving with us, you won’t get just an instructor – you will get a mentor who will craft a training specifically for you, depending on your needs, wishes and progression.
  • The amount of knowledge you will get is at another level! How? You’ll be sharing waters with divers that has huge experiences in the diving they teach

Passionate about photography? We've got you covered with expert training. Thrive on adrenaline and eager to navigate the world's most secluded underwater caves or awe-inspiring shipwrecks? Let's embark on that adventure together! Committed to coral reef conservation? We prioritize it too. Our expansive offering includes side mount diving, nitrox, deep, navigation, underwater naturalist courses, altitude diving, and much more.

All of our certifications are provided through RAID, the leading organization in dive training, ensuring you receive top-notch education and skills. Explore more at DiveRAID.

  • Never forget – your tank is your clock.

And I won’t be sharing your precious time with others. You will be diving with me solo or with your partner. There are two reasons for this – I need a great chemistry under the water and people who know each other. Scuba diving lessons are sometimes unpredictable so I want to make sure we have enough patience down there – and you can only have it with someone you know well. Second reason is – I have only two hands. In case you need me I can react quickly.

My goal is to answer all of your questions, awake your curiosity and give you the adventure of a lifetime!

By choosing Divers League you will leave the course not only as better scuba diver but better human, too. You will learn how much your everyday actions affect marine nature and the living world beneath your feet. You will be better version of yourself – in the water and onland.