Meet Marcelin Nebenhaus: a distinguished technical and cave diving instructor, dedicated explorer, and gifted photographer, all rooted in the vibrant underwater realms of Mexico. As the visionary behind Dive the Cave, Marcelin offers unparalleled dive training enriched by a dynamic social media engagement. His journey into the depths began in France, fueled by a childhood fascination with archaeology and the mysteries beneath the waves. Diving since the tender age of ten in 1995, Marcelin's passion has taken him to the world's most enchanting diving locales, complemented by his involvement in a local oceanography youth group.

Marcelin's love affair with diving took a significant turn during a family holiday to Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula in 2000, where the Cozumel reefs first captured his heart. This experience paved the way for his evolution into a technical diver, with extensive training in Egypt and France, ultimately drawing him back to Mexico's mesmerizing cave systems. It was after his inaugural cavern dive in the famed Dos Ojos cenote that Marcelin found his calling, deciding to anchor his life around cave diving.

In 2015, Marcelin made Playa del Carmen his home, dedicating himself to cave diving and advancing his skills to become a renowned figure in the cave diving community. His commitment to exploration and conservation shone through in 2017 with his pivotal resurvey of the Taj Maha cave system, culminating in the publication of an insightful "stick map." Marcelin's exploratory zeal has led him to spearhead and participate in numerous projects, including a prestigious research expedition to the Marshall Islands set for the summer of 2024.

Marcelin's diving technique has evolved, now exclusively utilizing Closed Circuit Rebreathers (CCR) for exploration and photography in caves and deep Caribbean reefs. An expert instructor, Marcelin is certified in CCR cave and CCR trimix diving, alongside offering specialized training in Full cave, DPV cave, and stage cave diving. His profound understanding of Mexico's cave systems positions him as a guide for aspiring divers seeking safe and environmentally conscious cave diving experiences.

Marcelin's choice in diving gear reflects his commitment to excellence, with a particular preference for Ammonite Dive Systems' primary lights. This trust in high-quality equipment, essential for both his professional undertakings and personal adventures, highlights the importance of reliability and functionality in challenging underwater environments. Whether navigating through intricate cave systems or exploring vast open waters, Marcelin's gear selection underscores his dedication to the craft of diving.