Skanda Coffield-Feith

Immerse yourself in the captivating journey of Skanda Coffield-Feith, a seasoned explorer whose world orbits the mesmerizing realm of cave exploration and the thrilling techniques of rebreather diving instruction. Firmly rooted at the heart of the global diving epicenter, ProTec Dive Centers in Tulum, Skanda is but a ten-minute drive from the sprawling networks of the world's longest underwater cave systems. It's here where his unwavering dedication to teaching the intricate art of open circuit cave and cave decompression courses, along with Closed Circuit Rebreather training on the Sidewinder, shines through.

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Skanda's diving odyssey took off in the tropical paradise of Koh Tao, Thailand in 2006. From recreational diving in the breathtaking locales of South East Asia to discovering the hidden aquatic wonders of his hometown Melbourne, his passion for underwater exploration evolved and matured. A rendezvous with the renowned caves of Mount Gambier ignited his interest in cave diving, marking a pivotal point in his underwater journey.

Venturing further afield, he landed in Mexico in 2014, immersed himself in open water scuba instructor training, and completed an intensive full cave diver course at the esteemed ProTec Dive Centers. Since 2016, Skanda has called Tulum his home, dedicating his life to the exhilarating world of cave diving, both as a thrilling occupation and fulfilling pastime. 

Over the years, Skanda has honed his teaching skills, guiding eager students through the layered depths of cave exploration, and absorbing valuable insights from his esteemed colleagues at ProTec Dive Centers. His days are now filled teaching specialized cave diving courses, like cave survey and stage cave, along with instructing divers on the intricate use of the KISS Sidewinder CCR.

In the rare moments when he is not imparting his diving wisdom, Skanda is either pioneering the discovery of new cave systems or meticulously resurveying existing cave lines. He's had the privilege of participating in some groundbreaking exploration projects in Mexico and perpetually stands on the edge of anticipation for the next grand adventure! With Skanda, every dive is an exploration; every moment, a treasure of knowledge.