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Discover Scuba Diving with our dedicated community 

Dive into the world of scuba with our RAID Try Dive program, proudly presented by Divers League. As a premier scuba diving community, we bridge the gap between passionate divers and elite instructors.

Join us to experience the underwater world in a safe and controlled environment. 

Test the Waters: This preview session provides an exciting low-commitment way to explore scuba diving and discover if you love scuba diving before committing to a more advanced low-commitment way to explore scuba diving and discover if you love it before committing to your certification course. 

Fun Experience: Enjoy a thrilling and enjoyable day, perfect for creating lasting memories. 

Team building: This activity is also ideal for small groups, such as friends, birthday parties, or corporate team-building events, and it fosters camaraderie and teamwork.

What is the RAID Try Dive Program? 

The RAID Try Dive offers a captivating introduction to scuba diving, allowing participants to explore the underwater world in a pool setting. Guided by a RAID Professional, you will be equipped with scuba gear and introduced to fundamental diving skills, including underwater communication using hand signals. This experience is perfect for those curious about scuba diving, eager to connect with marine life, and considering pursuing an Open Water diving certification. 

Program Highlights: 

Briefing and Dry Drills: Begin your experience with an in-depth introduction to essential diving skills and safety standards set by RAID and upheld by Divers League.

Shallow Water Skills Practice: Engage in shallow water practices, building a solid foundation for deeper dives.

Deeper Water Activities: Venture into the deeper part of our pool with one of our many fun and instructional activities, such as: 

Treasure Hunt:Dive deep and search for hidden treasures. 

Memory Game: Match underwater cards to challenge your memory. 

Object Collection: Collect specific items from the pool floor within a set time frame. 

Reflex Test: Test your reflexes with rapid-response underwater challenges. 

Marine Construction: Build underwater structures using provided materials. 

Underwater Maze: Navigate through an exciting underwater maze. 

Underwater Drawing: Create submerged drawings and showcase your artistic side. 

Line Laying: Learn to lay lines, a crucial skill for cave diving. 

Photogrammetry Exercises: Practice underwater photogrammetry, which is valuable for studying wrecks and the underwater environment. 

Surveying: Engage in mapping exercises to understand underwater landscapes. 

Debriefing and Memory Sharing: After the dive, come together to share your underwater experiences, preserve memories with photos, and chronicle your adventure in a dive log. Every diver has a story; let's make yours unforgettable. 

Why Choose Divers League & RAID? 

Expert Guidance: Benefit from RAID's premium teaching methods and the expertise of Divers League's elite instructors, ensuring a safe and enjoyable introduction to scuba diving.  

Interactive Learning: Experience a blend of hands-on underwater activities and comprehensive e-learning modules tailored specifically for Try Dive participants.  

Eco-Friendly Practices: Dive into a sustainable experience with RAID's 0 paper policy, a testament to our commitment to environmental responsibility and your love for the planet.   

Personalized Attention: Small group sizes ensure personalized instruction and ample support, making your Try Dive both informative and memorable.  

Cost-Effective Exploration: Gain a firsthand diving experience before enrolling in a more advanced course, allowing you to immerse yourself in the underwater world without a significant initial commitment. 


  • Be able to swim comfortably. 

  • Be a minimum of 10 years old. 

You will be required to complete some mandatory paperwork, including a dive medical questionnaire, a liability release, and a safe diving practices form. If there are any potential medical issues, you must complete a medical form signed by a licensed physician before participating in any in-water sessions. Once registered with RAID, you can access all the required paperwork online in 'Your Profile.' Adult consent is needed if the Try Dive participant is under 18.  


Before you dive into the fascinating underwater world with us, there are a few essential steps to undertake. First and foremost, please follow the steps and register here: https://www.diversleague.com/pages/raid-member-registration.  
Ensure you fill out all the forms correctly, especially the medical one. Once registered, delve into the learning modules provided and complete the quizzes. This preparation is paramount to ensure a smooth and enjoyable Try Dive experience. 


This is an introductory experience and not a certification course. However, it perfectly sets the stage for beginning your Scuba Diver or Open Water 20 certification program at any time, guided by the expert instructors from Divers League and under the high standards of the RAID diving agency.

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